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Elevator door modernization - Hayes Elevator BC

Elevator Modernization

We always provide honest feedback on the existing condition of the equipment and will suggest repairs as required. Depending on the age of the building and amount of times the elevator is used each day there will inevitably be a time where there will need to be a partial or complete modernization. The average lifecycle for an elevator is typically 30 years, but components like a Door Operator will fail within perhaps 10 years due to the amount of time the door equipment opens and closes. We will be able to carefully explain these upgrades as they come up to ensure you are making informed decisions and have options laid out if they are available.

Hayes Elevator Modernization and Repair

Maintenance and Repair

Proper Preventive maintenance is the key to the longevity of elevating equipment, with proper care and attention to detail we can minimize breakdowns and ensure your device is safe and code compliant. We strive to grow our maintenance base organically to ensure technicians do not become overburdened and have the time to meticulously inspect the equipment and perform all required maintenance tasks.
We believe the only way to develop excellent relationships with our clients is through transparency. All building visits are documented both onsite and electronically, reports are available upon request and you should always feel welcome to discuss any concerns with your account manager or the primary mechanic onsite.

Better Maintenance is always Possible!

Do you have an existing Elevator/Escalator maintenance contract that will run out soon?
We will be happy to give more choices, no-strings-attached! Contact us to discuss your options.

 What do our customers say?

Great Job!

“I appreciated very much for answering my telephone this morning at 7:00 am as well as spending time talking with me at 6:30 pm yesterday afternoon over the phone. My big thanks for your effort to make this difficult schedule works! “

Ed L.



“The repairmen were honest, friendly, and a wonderful relief to see after 3 weeks of being stuck inside with no elevator. They did a job no one else in the industry wanted to do because they feel for the tenants who are at the mercy of the elevator. Lovely people!”

Amy G.

Well Done!


“Rebuilt elevator 6 years ago. We have experienced no more than 2 non-functioning break- downs at this time. Monthly service maintenance is done with no issues”

Terri N.

Quick Response!


“Very quick in resolving problems, there is designated tech after hours to deal with the after-hour calls, techs log before and after the service calls”

Edgar E.


Very Professional!

“One of the most professional and friendliest personnel I deal with amongst all of Concert’s vendors.”

Genevieve H.

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